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john-nielsenHello, I’m John Nielsen. My partners and I formed Air Bear Tactical Aircraft to address the need to provide cost effective surveillance solutions and also share the lessons learned in my almost three decades of airborne law enforcement operations.

As a partner in Air Bear, I believe our mission, values, and priorities are all predicated upon an unwavering commitment to supporting our customers. Excellence in Air Support special missions is never easy. It requires setting goals, real teamwork and an honest assessment of how your agency provides pro-active air support. I believe Fixed Wing Surveillance coupled with advanced Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) technology, will transform the future of airborne law enforcement.  Please review the content here on our site and give us a call to discuss how we may assist you with your airborne surveillance needs.

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Why Air Bear?

Why AirBear.AEROThe team here at Air Bear is dedicated to providing complete, cost effective surveillance solutions.  Implementing airborne surveillance is far more than placing a sensor on an aircraft and feeding imagery to the TFO.  A successful air support unit requires the right airborne, fully integrated mission equipment, the right tactics and most importantly the costs associated need to fit within ever tightening budget constraints.

Contact us here at Air Bear to discuss how we can improve support of your ground units, while addressing your bottom line by providing complete and cost effective airborne surveillance solutions.