Acquiring New Abilities

The Riverside City Council on Oct. 17, 2017, approved the purchase of a fixed-wing aircraft provided by AirBear for their Police Department. Officials plan to have it airborne by November to improve surveillance capabilities.

“The $982,870 airplane — which comes fully equipped for law enforcement purposes — will be cheaper to operate than a helicopter”, Gonzalez said.

The plane is equipped with a color and infrared camera that can deliver sharp, high-resolution color images from 6 to 9 miles away to officers on the ground.

“The biggest thing is No. 1, to be able to stay up in the air twice as long and stay up in the air twice as high. We’re up in a plane 4,500 feet a couple of miles away, and being able to do good surveillance without people knowing we’re there”, Gonzalez said in an interview.

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Air Bear Sponsors Tactical Flight Officer Award

John Nielsen, Director of Airborne Law Enforcement Operations representing award sponsor Air Bear Tactical Aircraft, Jennifer Potocki, and ALEA President Steve Roussell.

… [For her exemplary performance operating tactical flight equipment and coordinating air and ground assets, skills as a medic and instructional abilities, all of which have had a direct impact on officer and public safety, the Airborne Law Enforcement Association presents its 2017 Tactical Flight Officer Award to Senior Corporal Jennifer Potocki.]

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CHP catches bikers after showing off on bay bridge

A group of bikers thought it would be a good idea to go and show off their biking skills on the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Bridge Sunday evening.

Riding dirt bikes and ATV vehicles, they rode across the bridge pulling stunts and harassing drivers. CHP ground units engaged only to follow the bikers because they knew they had an “eye in the sky” and did not want to create an even more dangerous situation with a chase.

CHP utilizing Air Bear aircraft were able to keep tracking the bikers as they dispersed and returned to their homes or hang-out spots and detain them. The bikers thought they had eluded police and never realized they were being followed.

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CHP Says Look Up And Smile, But Slow Down First

The California Highway Patrol has eyes for speeders where most people wouldn’t think to look. That direction is up.

“Often times, people don’t even know we are up here,” CHP Flight Officer Troy Marks said. “We cover 13 counties north and south of Sacramento.”

The plane’s supplied by Air Bear Aero are equipped with an onboard camera and GPS system that allows officers to record, check and verify the speed of vehicles multiple times. Cruising at about 4000 feet, CHP’s sophisticated plane can see it all. It’s also equipped with a night vision camera that can zoom into a vehicle from four miles away.

Speeders soon find in court that video proof makes it very difficult to talk your way out of a ticket.

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CHP Utilizes Air Bear for Oroville Dam

In their recent pursuit of covering and surveying the Oroville dam incident the California Highway Patrol has been utilizing Air Bear supplied mission ready aircraft to give them a bird’s eye view of the entire situation. It gives the CHP a clear and defined picture of the situation at large and the ability to continually support and assess the situation 24 hours a day. Air-21 and Air-31 provided constant aerial intelligence over the Lake Oroville Dam breach.

Air Bear’s implementation of the Airvan in a mission ready platform is showcased by its support of this incident. The ability to respond with a multi-mission, multi-role platform is critical to CHP’s operations.

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CHP’s Valley Division Puts Eyes in the Sky

Recently, the Valley Division of the California Highway Patrol has taken to the skies, using a new plane, which has given it a bird’s eye view.

Officers said it is a new generation of police plane: the GippsAero CHP unit Air-21.

“This is high tech. We’ve got all the latest equipment, camera equipment, camera system,” CHP Flight Officer Troy Marks said.

Marks said that military-grade camera system allows him to zoom down so he can see the make, model, color and even license plate of any vehicle on the road, from as high as 3,000 feet.

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Zeroing In

Take a ride in CHP Valley Division Air Operations’ GippsAero GA8 Airvan — the only aircraft of its kind currently being used in California.

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The California Highway Patrol uses aircraft for a multitude of missions. CHP – Golden Gate Division Air Operations uses the GippsAero GA-8 AirVan 8 “Air 37” to transport personnel, patrol, conduct search operations, provide backup for officers on the ground, assist in pursuit management, coordinate traffic management, transport blood and organs, detect fires, provide aerial photography, mapping, and surveillance.

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