The Final Approach

“My mind is retracing the last three decades. Thousands of incidents, 11,000 plus hours in the air, everything I’ve seen and accomplished in this fantastic career is embodied in this next patrol flight.”

Evolution of Law Enforcement ISR

I call this bringing the “crime into the cockpit”, or analyzing the information, putting all the pieces together and sending down key tactical answers to responding ground units.

Investing in Change

I recently had the opportunity to fly on a long cross-country flight in one of our new Airvan 8 platforms. An Air Bear business partner and I had departed Southern California on our way to Colorado to deliver the Airvan to Paravion Technology, one of our ISR integrator partners.

The Bottom Line

I love a good old fashioned statistical briefing about a police department’s big picture. Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in a briefing provided by a progressive Chief of Police who was exploring the idea of starting an aviation special unit.

May 2014: Building a Mixed Fleet by John Nielsen

“Helicopters have amazing capabilities and will always be desirable for law enforcement because of their ability to hover and land in tight locations. However, no one aircraft type is perfect for every mission.”

July 2014: Fixed wing Benefits by John Nielsen

“The answer is simple. Fixed-2ing aircraft provide the following three benefits:

  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Increased time on station (an unblinking eye in the sky)
  • Low noise signature for increased stealth”
Sept 2014: WAPS Technology by John Nielsen

“The technology I found with the most potential was an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) system known as wide area persistent surveillance (WAPS).”

Dec 2014: Fixed Wing Advantages by Sgt. Rich Bookbinder, California Highway Patrol

“How is it possible that an airplane can carry out missions that in the past were reserved for helicopters? The answer is technology.”

Dec 2014: Continuous Improvement by John Nielsen

“but most agencies are stalled in a status quo mindset… is that working out?”

Feb 2014:

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Selects the GA8 Airvan.

June 2014:

CHP Awards next generation ISR aircraft bid to the Airvan, supplied and integrated by West Coast Aircraft Sales & Air Bear Tactical Aircraft.

Air Bear selected by CHP for FY2016 aircraft deliveries

Air Bear Tactical Aircraft delivers Mission Ready Patrol Aircraft to California Highway Patrol

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