Operating at night, beyond visual and audible range, suspect found by AIR unit hiding in waste receptacle

Ground units directed to suspect

One In Custody

– Thanks Air!
I have lost count of how many hundreds of times we’ve received that radio call in support of the 23 agencies we supported in the Sacramento, CA. Capitol area.  After all, the purpose of airborne law enforcement is to be a force multiplier for ground units, being their “unblinking eye in the sky”.  Our mission is to assist them in becoming more productive while helping to keep them safe.

Effective airborne law enforcement requires assets to be nearly immediately available – typical response times need to be 3 minutes or less otherwise the engagement will be over before units sitting on the ramp can spool up and get airborne.  The answer has proven to be fielding cost effective fixed wing solutions, which are far more economical to operate, can remain on station for hours and almost instantly be in a position to support ground units, even from miles away.  The dramatic advances in military grade sensor payloads have shifted the paradigm from pure rotor wing law enforcement to a mix of aircraft focusing on the mission they are best suited to address.

Please feel free to read through the following information to gain insight as to how fixed wing operations will make your air units more effective and please contact us to learn how we can assist you in doing so.

John Nielsen
Air Bear is pleased to be able to share with you John’s insights from the many Air Beat Articles he’s written and Air Bear white papers where you may find very useful information regarding setting up and maintaining a high standard of support in your air unit.  Please also note the Air Bear press releases where you’ll see some of the agencies whom have taken advantage of our expertise.