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Providing Mission Ready Solutions

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We here at Air Bear are taking a decidedly different approach to fielding airborne law enforcement solutions.  We are focusing on what we see as the two most important aspects of ensuring delivery of a mission ready solution to meet and exceed your needs:
Complete solution
Delivering a mission ready aircraft is far more than handing the keys to the aircraft to you on the ramp.  It requires proper understanding of your mission requirements, designing a mission payload to address your needs and an aircraft which will operate to your specifications and just as importantly, budget.  We don’t stop there however.  We can provide pre-sale consultation wherein we’ll work with you to understand your operations, or recommend best practices if you’re interested in setting up an Air Department.  We will also provide tactical training for your Flight and Tactical Flight Officers, to ensure they are able to utilize the latest in airborne law enforcement tactics.  We will act as your prime contractor, responsible for all aspects of implementation and delivery of your mission ready aircraft and assist you in operating in the most efficient manner possible.  Air Bear – your one stop airborne surveillance solution provider.
Hardware independent
We are both aircraft and mission equipment independent, we’ll deliver the right aircraft with the proper mission equipment which addresses your needs and budget.  We are not focused on nor required by contractual arrangements to sell you a particular solution.  We will work with you to provide the most efficient and cost effective aircraft and payload which addresses your needs, which will also allow you to address new mission requirements as they arise.