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Additional Missions
The rapid improvements in EO/IR (electro optical/infrared) sensing technology the industry has provided has opened up several opportunities to make your investment in an airborne ISR platform more versatile. The advent of affordable, military grade sensors combined with advanced geo-referenced mapping capabilities, advanced air/ground downlinks and communications provide additional capabilities far beyond the original airborne law enforcement mission of tracking speed on the interstate.

Some of the additional mission capabilities Air Bear can assist you with addressing are:

Fire Mapping
The need to orbit directly over a fast moving fire while marshaling fire bombers is a necessary, but dangerous undertaking. Technology improvements in sensor systems have changed the way fire operations are conducted by allowing the observing aircraft to stand off at a safe distance directing operations while obtaining a more useful overall picture of the event. Standing off with a slant range view of the incident not only provides for enhancement situational awareness, it keeps the control aircraft out of the path of the response aircraft. Gathering information, keeping situational awareness and disseminating real time geo-referenced information to your ground forces is the key to improving response and resolution times while keeping your ground units safer.

With the incorporation of real time geo-referenced mapping technology, the fire line perimeter can be digitally outlined and an accurate measurement of acreage within the fire perimeter obtained. This is vital, real time information which command staff can use to understand the direction and rate of travel. Every piece of fire equipment and each person in the fire zone can be tagged and mapped over a large fire line.

Not only does this provide excellent situational awareness to the command staff, it will assist keeping both flight crews and hotshots out of harm’s way while reducing the overall cost of containing and extinguishing the blaze. That will translate directly into lives saved and a vast reduction in property loss.

Airvan 8 in fire mapping livery

Fire mapping console (Images courtesy of GippsAero)

Fire mapping geo-referenced display
(Image courtesy of AeroComputers)

Maritime Patrol/Fish and Game
Littoral covert surveillance while operating beyond visual range (BVR) no longer requires spending multi-millions for mission equipment and platforms while experiencing large budget outflows for high operational costs. Modern sensor technology allows mission packages to be integrated on cost effective platforms which are a fraction of the acquisition cost of larger, more traditional maritime surveillance solutions and operate far more cost effectively.

Inland, Inshore or Offshore, Air Bear can configure a mission solution for your needs. Floats or ski’s a requirement? We have solutions for your operations. Extended offshore missions? Safely addressed with a twin turboprop or even a light jet solution. Wildlife management? Discover what modern technology can do to augment the Mark I Mod 0 crew eyeball.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll show you a cost effective solution to meet and exceed your needs.

Airvan 8 conducting inland Fish and Game operations
(Image courtesy of GippsAero)

Maritime interdiction
(Image courtesy of Momentum Aviation Group)

Littoral maritime patrol
(Image courtesy of Momentum Aviation Group)

Aerial Cinematography
If your application involves aerial cinematography, we have a solution for you. Proven in operation for multiple broadcast and feature films, the Airvan family of aircraft are uniquely well suited to provide a cost effective, long range, stable platform for operations such as:
  • Aerial cinematography for feature film, broadcast and advertising
  • Aerial photography for commercial real estate, construction, resorts and golf courses
  • Aerial 3-D mapping photogrammetry, orthographic GIS survey, and, 360° panoramic photography

(Image courtesy of GippsAero)

Disaster Response/Humanitarian Relief
Law enforcement agencies today are looking to obtain the best return for their budget dollars spent. This means having the ability to address multiple missions which modern law enforcement agencies faces on a daily basis. Several of the aircraft Air Bear will configure for you have the ability to be true multi-mission capable and can be designed to allow for quick reconfiguration to address additional missions.

Pictured is the Airvan 8 participating in tsunami relief efforts, operating on a semi improved and very much improvised landing strip.

(Image courtesy of GippsAero)

(Image courtesy of GippsAero)

As a result of the need for the government/military to track movement of insurgents and for IED defense, a new technology has emerged to address this critical mission requirement. WAPS, or Wide Area Persistent Surveillance has proven its usefulness in overseas field operations and now is becoming available to the law enforcement community. Contact us to learn more about this exciting technology which portends to be the future of airborne law enforcement.
Other Applications
Have mission requirements other than are what’s listed here? Discuss your requirements with us and we will provide you with concepts to address your needs in a timely and cost efficient manner.


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