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Mission Payload
Fielding the right platform, using the right tactics and having the right equipment. All part of the overall airborne surveillance solution from Air Bear. We have teamed with the leading providers of technology as well as with the premier system integration shops to provide a mission ready, cost effective platform delivered to you ready to fly. Air Bear takes pride in providing best in class mission payloads which address your requirements and allow your capabilities to expand as your operational expertise grows.

There are three fundamental areas of the mission payload solution, that being the sensor system, the geo referenced mapping system and your air/ground communications system:

EO/IR Sensor Systems
Military grade sensor systems have found their way onto airborne law enforcement aircraft, their ever increasing capabilities providing situational awareness which prior to their arrival was simply not available in a cost effective manner.   Each new generation of equipment seems to provide more capability at ever reducing costs and weight. Your sensor system is the heart of your mission payload, you must provide quality imagery for your flight crews to be effective.

Air Bear continually evaluates current technology and can make recommendations which match your needs and just as importantly, budget. If something isn’t going to work out well for you, we’ll tell you up front. If something may be a bit outside of your budget constraints, then we may suggest municipal financing (which we can arrange) or a contract surveillance arrangement.

Our experience is that the L3 MX-10 (low altitude) and MX-15 (medium altitude) or the FLIR offerings of the 380HD and the recently released 380HDc (with its smaller form factor) are excellent choices for fixed wing surveillance activities. Dependent upon altitude anticipated and slant range distance required, one of these excellent choices will deliver the appropriate information to allow your airborne units to be at their highest level of effectiveness.

There are a host of other OEM’s developing sensor technology. As they become available, we will be keeping abreast of their capabilities and performance and will be recommending those that meet and exceed the standards necessary to support your mission requirements.

Geo Referenced Moving Maps
Bringing crime into the cockpit, then relaying real time situational information to your ground units. That’s the name of the game in airborne law enforcement. In order to accomplish this task, the right tactics and the proper equipment must be in place. The sensor system is the first part of the solution. The second is how your TFO’s process that data and turn it into useful information to relay to your ground units. A digital mapping system, otherwise referred to as augmented reality, automatically provides street and landmark overlays for the TFO to reference is the next step in an effective surveillance solution. This allows the TFO to quickly and accurately relay the information to ground units, while maintaining full situational awareness.

Air Bear is continually evaluating available products in this realm as well and at this time recommends the Churchill Navigation or AeroComputers solutions.

Real time augmented reality display

Disaster response: Landslide mapping

Directing ground units utilizing augmented reality

(Images courtesy of Churchill Navigation)

C-206 installation

Real time digital mapping

C-208 Caravan installation

(Images Courtesy of AeroComputers)

The third major leg of your mission payload is your air/ground communications which is how you share your data with your ground units. Since each agency typically has their own communications requirements, one size does not fit all in this realm. Air Bear will work with you not only to install the right communications equipment, but to also ensure proper interoperability with the Flight Officer, TFO and your ground units.

Another important part of your communications equipment will be your downlink system. Bringing imagery obtained by your ISR platform into the patrol car and distributed amongst other ground units provides the epitome of situational awareness. Since there are a variety of downlink systems available which vary both in price and capability, it is best suited to determine your requirements and select a system which meets your needs today and allows you to grow into new capabilities as your air unit expands.

Discuss your mission requirements with us here at Air Bear and we’ll be able to present the best options to address your airborne surveillance needs. Discover what major law enforcement agencies have about the benefits of working with an experienced ISR partner.


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