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Continuous Improvement – the name of the game in airborne law enforcement.  Air Bear has solutions to help you make your Air Department more effective.  It’s all about being a force multiplier for your ground units.  Every dollar spent on air operations, if done correctly will multiply the effectiveness of your operations multi-fold.  Let us show you how.
Whether you have an established air department or are contemplating initiating air surveillance operations, Air Bear can provide expert consultation, operational recommendations and tactical training for your personnel.  Continuous improvement is not just desirable – it’s a necessity in order to keep pace with the ever expanding complexity of law enforcement operations.
Operational Consulting and Tactical Crew Training:
Imagine the outcome if we asked a police officer, with no pilot training or previous aviation experience to jump in an aircraft and take off. The results would be devastating. Its common practice to have police officers, with no Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) training, learn their trade on the job.  Most succeed over time, however countless hours and money are spent brining the TFO and Flight Officer (Pilot) up to speed on effective operational tactics. TFO tactics and skills are much more demanding than flying the aircraft. It can take years for the TFO to become proficient and effective without proper guidance and training. It’s our mission to share decades of airborne law enforcement tactics and operational procedures and instill best practices in your personnel.  Best practices which have proven to deliver results. Crews will respond, enter search patterns, and send down clear concise information in a structured format. We can also assist you in building an air support program that can make an immediate impact on reducing crime.
Classroom Training Courses:
Continuous Improvement includes operating with the right equipment to accomplish your mission as well as utilizing tactics which have proven successful in hours of development and operations.  Air Bear can provide your Air Department with the benefit of decades of airborne law enforcement experience with the following classroom training, or will be able to develop a custom curriculum to address your specific needs.
Classes we teach include:

Closing the gap with technology – A review of current ISR technology available to airborne law enforcement, and how military grade sensors, and their GEO-auto point mapping systems have dramatically changed what’s required from the aerial platform.

Perimeter Containment – Tactics for setting up perimeters, containing suspects within a search area. How to provide clear, concise information ground troops can understand and make use of. Suspect escape tactics and trends, arrest team coordination are discussed and are concluded with how good information and teamwork pays off.

Fixed Wing Pro-active Air Support – Using fixed wing aircraft for air support is actually a more effective tactic for locating suspects on the run. The use of thermal sensors in police work is identical regardless if the wings are rotating or are fixed to the airframe. It’s the image on the screen that’s important, and high altitude fixed wing searches provide a better look down angle, steady & clear image, and suspects are not aware of airplanes presence overhead. Suspects run till confronted, either by hearing units setting up perimeters and/or hearing/seeing a helicopter, which tend to announce themselves in plenty of time to go to ground.  The fixed wing platform operating BVR (Beyond Visual Range) is far more effective as the suspect is not aware of its presence.  Operating below BVR, fixed wing aircraft are most often not associated with being a police aircraft, making it easy to locate a suspect still moving and looking for places to hide.

Fixed wing aircraft are less expensive to purchase and operate, have more flight endurance and range, a longer service life, and can carry the most advanced ISR equipment availed to airborne law enforcement.  In addition, the low cost of operation of a fixed wing aircraft allows it to be on station for hours, ready to respond.  Most responses require a 3-5 minute (or less) response time.  Fixed wing platforms can support activities from miles away and thousands of feet high, resulting in One In Custody radio calls while more costly assets are still spooling up on the ramp for takeoff.

Search and Rescue – The rescue mission doesn’t kick in until the “Search-Locate” part is completed. Fixed wing aircraft, with ISR technology can be very effective locating and directing rescue resources, operating thousands of feet higher than rotor wing resources, today’s advanced sensors allow fixed wing operations to cover much more territory. This class covers search planning, how to search smarter and more effectively. Using Cellular data to target search areas. Sizing up lost victims (questions to ask family members and how to plan out a search mission based on the personal information). The course uses real video of SAR missions within the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. A detailed look at human behavior, which is predictable when we get lost.  Most importantly, how to make the most effective use of your assets – fixed wing does the Search-Locate mission best, vertical recovery is what sets rotor wing operations apart.

Contact us here at Air Bear to discuss how our operational consulting may assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your air department.  We can combine custom tactical training with operational consulting to provide you with an immediate improvement in air support operations or can assist you with setting up your air operations.  Our classroom training is an efficient way for your entire department, from the Chief on down to learn about the best practices in airborne law enforcement.